Business Critical Apps


CAM Consultants Business Critical Application Infrastructure service offerings understand the importance of these applications and they help you to deploy them properly. Our techs leverage technology OEM best practices as well as our own experience to ensure a smooth deployment and stable environment.

Microsoft Application Infrastructure
Microsoft SQL Server – SQL Server is the most popular Microsoft Windows-based database server system deployed in IT environments today. It provides critical database and related services for both business and IT management application software alike. Whether you are considering a SQL Server consolidation or a database migration, we can leverage our expertise and ensure a successful project.

Microsoft Exchange Server – Exchange Server provides the critical email and resource scheduling functionality that most organizations rely upon to allow employees to work together effectively. Exchange is a great example of an application that extends from the data center infrastructure out to the desktop and mobile device. Our team has the knowledge and experience to assist you in your migration or to review the health of your existing environment.

Oracle Solutions– CAM Consultants has partnered with Clarity – Networks to leverage their considerable expertise with Oracle software solutions.

Oracle Database – Oracle is the clear leader in the data management and applications software powering most enterprises in the world. With massive experience in Oracle DB, middleware, and applications, Clairty – Networks is your partner of choice for keeping your business critical systems performing well. Our expertise in every physical or virtual Unix, Linux, or Windows-based platform that Oracle runs on allows us to provide our customers with the most appropriate architectures for their needs.

Virtualizing Business Critical Applications– Virtualization is a key technology component of any IT strategy and architecture plan. Knowing how to deploy any application, business critical or not, is required for knowledge for success. CAM Technicians virtualization expertise is built upon knowing the capabilities of underlying hardware as well as having an intimately understanding an application’s performance profile, capacity requirements, data flows, high availability and data recovery options. A proper virtualization design will meet the requirements of the components and marry the best features of the application and its virtual infrastructure together. CAM Techs has been constructing enterprise class virtualized application solutions for over six (5) years and we have the ability to help you craft a strategy via an assessment or to deploy a full solution in a project engagement.