Data Storage & Management


Our techs develops flexible Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions that support your business requirements.

Storage Arrays– Storage arrays continue to increase in complexity as performance demands increase and virtualization integration requires ongoing feature support. In the world of storage arrays, one size does not fit all requirements. CAM maintains certified staff focused on mastery of a wide range of Storage Arrays. We have real-world experience and can help guide you around the challenges. We can help you identify and proactively resolve performance concerns before they become issues.

Data Migration– Your business requirements are constantly growing. Aging storage infrastructure may need to be refreshed. These types of challenges can require data migrations which can require downtime and businesses are increasingly resistant to downtime. New tools are available that can minimize or remove the need for downtime during data migrations. CAM can offer various solutions ranging from consultation to migration assistance.

Cloud Storage– Cloud storage is defined as the storage of data online in the cloud. Cloud Storage can present a number of storage challenges such as the need to encrypt storage at rest, multi-tenancy, data proximity, and high-performance under mixed workloads. Whether you are implementing public, private or hybrid cloud storage, CAM can offer assistance ranging from consultation to implementation.
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