Your computing infrastructure is everything that comprises your organization from the largest server to the CPU that’s required to drive the simplest to most complex application. We will help get the best utilization out of all your existing assets and ensure your computer environment has the needed resources to avoid downtime and to run smoothly.  We can help you determine if you just need to update your computer operations, add a much needed patch, add some memory or upgrade to the newest and fastest platform.

We can analyze your existing computer infrastructure (network, servers, workstations) down to the very last megabyte and provide recommendations on the most current technologies.  We can help create a road-map for your existing infrastructure growth, help consolidate your computing workloads or even help you architect that complex infrastructure for your new critical business application.  CAM does more than just simply put pieces together; we help you determine the best fit and how to implement it the right time, every time.

We provide a multitude of server infrastructure options including best-of-breed rack mount and blade server components from both HP and Cisco to ensure that our customers are equipped with top quality server and compute resources to suit traditional or virtual environments.  We maintain highly certified and experienced staff focused on mastery of the various components of blade server infrastructure.