Save money—Up to 50% lower monthly phone bills with unlimited local and long distance VoiP calling and up to 90% off the start up costs required of a traditional PBX solution.

Complete VoiP phone service—Everything you need in a phone system plus more.

Advanced calling features—All the important features you need and expect are included at no extra charge.

Great VoiP phones—Sleek, stylish IP phones loaded with premium features

Easy to use—Easy to set up and simple to use VoiP

Location independent—All workers use the same phone system and features no matter where they are, so you sound like one office.

Quality and reliability—Superior call quality and reliability; with Starpoint VoiP it just works better.

Everything you need—No need to chase down phones from one provider, local and long distance calling plans from another, and features from somewhere else. Get it all in one place.